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Light, nimble, accurate and reliable - Custom Scythe MarkX

September 23, 2021
Light, nimble, accurate and reliable - Custom Scythe MarkX - Azraels Armoury
Beast mode enabled.
Aztech Scythe Custom build
This gel blaster is absolutely perfect!!!

330 fps, 32 rps.

Light, nimble, accurate and reliable. What more could you ask for. A small package setup as a light weight milsim blaster.
PERFECT for the long days in the bush but will take names in CQB environments.
This little all metal MarkX from APS is now Loaded to the eyeballs with Aztech Innovations CNC Parts:
-7075 Scythe gearbox,
-APACHE tappet less cylinder head,
-Xtreme adjustable T piece,
-Xtreme adjustable trigger with ASTER top,
-Aztech ultra strong piston and high flow cnc head,
-12:1 gears with SHS high torque 30000 rpm super reliable motor and a gelball specific Gate Aster mosfet.

30 plus rps on full auto at over 330 fps on AKA gels. No fps drop from auto to semi auto, what a ripper of a gel blaster!!