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48RPS 320 FPS DSG EMG!!!

September 23, 2021
48RPS  320 FPS  DSG EMG!!! - Azraels Armoury

All in, maxed out, as good as it gets.

This EMG F1 UDR is light, fast and ready to RIP!!!! Loaded with everything we can throw at it from Aztech Innovations.

CNC machined aluminum:

-7075 Scythe gearbox, APACHE tappet less cylinder head,
-Xtreme adjustable T piece, Xtreme adjustable trigger with ASTER top,
-Aztech 7.25mm barrel, Muzzletek hop up,
-18:1 gears with DSG sector gear to make it 9:1 ratio.

Running a 36k brushless Warhead Industries motor and a gelball specific Gate Aster mosfet.
45plus rps on full auto, 300 fps on Elite and Boom gels and 320 fps AKA gels. No fps drop from auto to semi auto,

by Jaydan September 30, 2021

Would this be able to work on armor tech milkies or pearls?

by Kieron September 28, 2021

I’m with Jacob, are there more of these being made for public?

by Jacob September 24, 2021

What magazine did you use in the video?

by Jacob September 24, 2021

Will these be available for purchase? If so when will they be available and how much will they cost?