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Virtual-Shot Simulator

September 28, 2021
Virtual-Shot Simulator - Azraels Armoury

Want another use for your gel blaster?

Well here it is.  You can use your electric and gas powered blaster to train, practice and have straight up great fun at home!!

Mounting to the top of your gel blaster rifle using the picatinny rail, the included Virtual-Shot mount holds your phone and senses with your blaster fires.

Turning your blaster into a simulator allows for some aiming and trigger practice on the training range, in the range school and in the mini games provided taking you in to arcade mode where you can hunt deer, shoot zombie hordes and even take down the enemy to protect the Black Hawk down helicopter.  There is more and more games coming with update expansions. 
Immersive feel and functional use of your blaster, holding your blaster, pulling your trigger, training and teaching.
Setting options allow for semi auto and bolt action type triggers and different sensitivity levels to ensure it works on all applications from gel blasters to real rifles. GPS and accelerometers in your phone detect your movement and positional change for the on screen movement, aiming and real life virtual function.
The screen in screen feature aligns your phone with the scope eye piece, as you set your eye to the soft scope your in scope view shows your choice of crosshair with adjustable magnification.
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