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"The Armoury"

In house custom upgrades using only the best products available.

All the blasters you see on this page have been internally upgraded by our amazing technicians in the "Armoury".

Each blasters specs are detailed per listing, rarely do we produce the same upgraded setup twice. 

All builds listed here can be replicated and adapted to suit your prefrence. 

If we sell a model of blaster that you want to modify, we can add these mods to  all standard APS models of M4 and AK that we stock.  Just email, call or message us to chat about a build for you.

Our upgraded blasters range from 290 fps to 345 fps.
From 17 rounds per second on 11.1v up to 38 rounds per second.

Of course we can go higher in both regards, but maintenance requirements become extremely high and regular servicing is an absolute must.

While 400 fps looks great on social media, its useless on the playing field. We say this day in day out to customers "why run 400 fps on the field and get smoked by a kid with a stock 250 fps gen 8".
High FPS does not win battles and high rate of fire does not last long with out regular servicing.  

All "Armoury" upgraded blasters come with a promise of performance to match the description when purchased.  It is very hard to offer a warranty on upgrades. But we will do what we can to support the builds the best we can.  If the blaster is opened or adjusted by anyone after our technicians have worked on it then we can no longer support the build as it is no longer of our finishing.

If you are an enthusiast that likes to play in full auto mode. Then we highly recommend a build with max 30 rps and 340 fps, if you want higher power or ROF then semi auto and small amounts of burst fire become a requirement, other wise the wear and tear on the internal moving parts becomes too much for the small parts.  If you want to run full auto mag dumps then a slower rate of fire and lower power is for you, the piston simply can not survive that kind of abuse if running too fast, this goes for players worldwide, the piston is the weakest link and can not handle sustained high rate of fire.

We highly recommend that all standard gel blasters be serviced after 10 full game days to ensure they are lubricated and maintaned. We also recomened all modified gel blasters to be serviced every 5 solid game days.

Warranty:  All Armoury Upgraded blaster parts are supported for 30 days and 20000 shots (counted on mosfets) or to within in reason and fair use.  We cannot guaruntee a part supplied to us from a naufacturer will not fail,  but we do support our work as much as we can, we want our customers to return for servcing and on going support of our builds.  Electonic Gel blasters are not designed for sustained full auto fire, if that is all you want then we do not recomened highly modified fast rate of fire or high power, the piston in the gearbox simply can not cope, obvious damage caused by "mag dumps" will void warranty as it is outside of the below explained fair use policy.

An exampe of fair use would be.  A blaster build with a rate of fire of up to 30 rps should have no worries at all running for many many months shooting 30000 rounds with out any major issues. 
A blaster build running 30-40 rps should comfortably shoot through 20000 gels with no problems. But if that blasters was to be thrashed shooting 15000 gels in a matter of one day highlights the blaster is being absolutley thrashed on constant full auto abuse beyond the capability of most small parts, springs and seals.  

We record shots recorded during our build and tuning for all builds with Aster,  Titan and Leviathan mosfets so we can monitor the shots being fired between service internals and through out a time frame.

PLEASE NOTE: All of these upgraded blasters have been opened, this means the reciever has been taken apart.  As a result you may find the take down pins, nuts bolts and screws may have some paint worn off, wear or marks  showing on or around the reciever from handling and being worked on as a result of using tools to work on the blaster.  While we take every care we can to try and keep the blaster in as new condition, marks are innevitable when opening a blaster.

Armoury Upgraded Blasters (6)

EMG UDR TITAN Custom CNC Upgraded Blaster


Armoury Upgraded APS MPX 350FPS CNC Blaster


Upgraded High Speed SPL Magazines


CNC Upgraded SIG MCX Folding Stock Gel Blaster


Azrael Upgraded APS Ghost Patrol AK74L 330fps

Coming Soon

EMG UDR Cobalt Custom CNC Brushless Upgraded Blaster