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SCAR-SC Metal Gel Blaster - Tan - Azraels Armoury
SCAR-SC Metal Gel Blaster - Tan - Azraels Armoury
SCAR-SC Metal Gel Blaster - Tan - Azraels Armoury
SCAR-SC Metal Gel Blaster - Tan - Azraels Armoury
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    SCAR-SC Metal Gel Blaster - Tan


      The Double Bell FN SCAR-SC is the Compact (not so little) brother of the FN SCAR-L and the real steel version is chambered in 5.56mm NATO.

      This is an excellent Authentic replica of the SCAR-SC made by Herstal Fabrique Nationale (FN) and is perfect for avid collectors and gelsoft players alike.*

      The receiver is the same size as the original SCAR-L however has a PDW buttstock and a shorter barrel and handguard. This is one extremely well built blaster and is very imposing to the opposite team! They'll run from you as quick as possible!

      The revised PDW Buttstock design now features a removeable back panel providing access to the battery compartment. It is long and takes slimmer long 11.1v or 7.4v batteries that connect to the battery cable located directly behind the back panel which is easy to remove ** and no exposed cables to be damaged.


      • Aluminum alloy upper receiver and barrel assembly
      • PDW style stock with polymer lower receiver, stock and pistol grip
      • Adjustable front and rear sights
      • Imitation realistic cocking action with bolt release
      • Reinforced V2 metal gearbox
      • Hopup inbuilt to the bird cage black metal flash suppressor
      • Plenty of picatinny rails on all sides to add accessories. 


      • Brand: Double Bell
      • Model: SCAR-SC - DB 831S
      • Released: August 2023
      • Type: Automatic, battery operated AEG
      • Firing Modes: Semi/Full-Auto, Safety (ambidextrous fire selector)
      • Highest quality metal materials and craftsmanship
      • Designed and built with the utmost attention to detail
      • Heavy, and well distributed weight
      • 2-piece split metal upper receiver and polymer lower receivers
      • Strong metal construction from tip to tail
      • V2 Metal Gearbox with metal gears
      • 18:1 Gear ratio
      • Metal upper receiver
      • Aluminum alloy handguard incorporated with the Receiver Top
      • Metal flash suppressor 
      • Metal flip up sights - when lowered pistol style battle sights show, when raised it is iron sights with peephole and front blade
      • Alloy Inner Barrel 
      • Metal outer barrel to reduce vibration with 14mm CCW thread
      • Metal switches 
      • CNC Metal Pin
      • Laser etched authentic FN markings on Receiver
      • Extendable PDW stock
      • Charging handle opens dust cover - The charging handle system is ambidextrous and can be switched to the other side by unscrewing it and placing on the opposite side
      • Uses 7-8mm gel balls
      • Magazine Capacity: 240 round Hi-Capacity. Works with other compatible M4 / M16 Series Gel blaster AEG Gen 8 Style Mags& drum mags
      • Muzzle Velocity: 320+ FPS**
      • Depending on the battery size a 7.4V battery will achieve a higher FPS than an 11.1V. Also the semi-auto function has a higher FPS than full-auto function.
      • Thread Direction: 14mm CCW
      • Gearbox: V2 Full Metal, Fully Upgradable
      • Motor: Long Type High-Torque 480
      • Battery supplied: 11.1v Small Type recommended (Battery included. Wired inside the top of the receiver with Mini Tamiya connector)

      Package Includes:

      • 1 x Double Bell SCAR-SC Compact Metal Gel Blaster Rifle Replica - Tan - DB 831S
      • 1 x Gen 8 style Metal Gel Ball Mag (30 round 5.56mm style)
      • 1 x Metal flip up battle Sights, 
      • 1 x Orange Flash hider
      • 2 x Charging Handles - Black
      • 1 x Metal Black Flash hider with inbuilt hopup
      • 1 x 11.1v rechargeable battery
      • 1 x 11.1v USB charger
      • 1 x Safety glasses
      • 1 x Gel Ball Starter Pack (Recommended to purchase more)**

      * Note: Images used are for illustrative purposes only the EPM Magazine & Foregrip is not included. The EPM magazine & foregrip is sold separately.