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Noveske Gen4 10.5
Noveske Gen4 10.5
Noveske Gen4 10.5
Noveske Gen4 10.5
Noveske Gen4 10.5
Noveske Gen4 10.5
Noveske Gen4 10.5
Noveske Gen4 10.5
Noveske Gen4 10.5
Noveske Gen4 10.5
Noveske Gen4 10.5
Noveske Gen4 10.5
Noveske Gen4 10.5
Noveske Gen4 10.5
Noveske Gen4 10.5
Noveske Gen4 10.5
Noveske Gen4 10.5

    Noveske Gen4 10.5" Shorty Gel Blaster


      VIC, NSW, NT and WA - We can not ship blasters currently.

      This fully licensed gel blaster has all the inscription coming from the original Noveske rifle. The trademarked Noveske logo can be clearly seen on the body receiver. The body receiver is using Gen 4 where its fire selector, mag release and bolt release button are all ambidextrous.

      The Hand Guard is dedicate to Noveske NSR-9.75 M-Lok Rail System, the pistol grip is designed exclusively to EMG brand with EMG trademark on it.

      For its Inner barrel, it is made of Chromium Molybdenum (Cr-Mo) Steel Alloy, same material that is being used in Automotive camshaft roller. Through unique machining process and heat treatment, the inner barrel grinding not only get the close tolerance but also increase lifetime of the barrel. Compare to other metals, Cr-Mo Alloy produce less vibration when shooting, thus improve overall accuracy when shooting gels.

      When it comes to body receiver and hand guard, all the metal parts are CNC refined, we make sure every metal joint seen on this gun are “seamless” like a real firearms..

      • Receiver:   Full Metal (Noveske GEN 4 Receiver)
      • Velocity:   300 FPS 
      • Motor:   AER033 High Torque Motor 700 RPM in 8.4v
      • Firing Mode:   Safe / Semi Auto / Auto
      • Gear Box:   Ambidextrous V2 Silver Edge Gear Box Rear Wires 
      • Charging Handle:   Ambi Design with Laser Engrave Noveske Logo
      • Outer Barrel:   10.5” Metal Outer Barrel
      • Hand Guard:   9.75” NSR M-lok Hand Guard
      • Pistol Grip:   EPG Alpha (EMG Brand)
      • Magazine:   Approx 250rds
      • Butt Stock:   EE104 (RS-3 Butt Stock Black)
      • Fire Selector:   Ambi Design
      • Mag Release:   Ambi Design
      • Bolt Release:   Ambi Design
      • Trigger:   Curved Trigger Silver
      • Muzzle:   Metal Flash Hider
      • Blow Back:   AER128 Non Blow Back Recoil Plate
      • Velocity: 250+ FPS
      • Thread Direction: 14mm Negative
      • Battery: 7.4v  LiPo recommended (Not included. Wired to stock with mini tamiya connector) 


      Explanation on options here;

      Factory Retune includes;

      1. Gearbox Radius
      2. Gears re shimmed
      3. Gears correctly greased
      4. Sorbo pad add to cylinder head
      5. Angle of engagement corrected
      6. Viton O ring installed and lubricated
      7. Motor Height adjusted and loctited

      Stage 1 Upgrade includes;

      1. All factory retune items plus;
      2. APACHE Tappetless cylinder head
      3. Aztech Adjustable T-Piece
      4. Aztech Speed trigger
      5. Aztech high precision shim kit

      Stage 2 Upgrade includes;

      1. All Factory retune and Stage 1 upgrades plus;
      2. SHS Hardened gears
      3. Aztech Split 7075 Alloy gearbox
      4. Aztech Xtreme Piston
      5. Aztech Stainless Steel Barrel

      Stage 3 Upgrade includes;

      1. All previous stages plus;
      2. Warhead brushless motor
      3. Leviathan or Gate Aster optical mosfet
      4. Add note to order specifying desired FPS and rate of fire and we will adjust motor, gears and spring to adjust to your specifications.

      Taranis Gearbox Upgrade Includes;

      1. World first Taranis recoil complete gearbox
      2. Warhead Brushless motor
      3. 35cm Barrel
      4. Installation and testing

      *Please allow 1 week for upgrade options to be completed on your blaster