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KELe HK USP Manual Springer Gel Blaster – Black
KELe HK USP Manual Springer Gel Blaster – Black

    KELe HK USP Manual Springer Gel Blaster – Black


      This is a one that everyone has been waiting for, a super tidy replica of the HK USP.

      The KELe HK USP Manual Springer Gel Blaster  is an incredible accurate replica of the real world HK USP. Constructed with an Alloy slide on a polymer lower and handle, this beauty has a great feel in the hand. Built on a 1:1 scale with it’s real steel cousin, this USP delivers the authentic look and feel of arguably HK’s finest handgun. Powered by a manually cocked spring, this little ripper discharges one gel, per rack of the slide. So, being a manual, it’s fire mode is technically single shot, which doesn’t represent the semi auto, that the real world USP has, but still is heaps of fun.

      And, as a couple of our competitive staff often say, the look of amazement on the face of a player at a Gel Soft skirmish, who has spent thousands on an HPA super gun set up, that shoot 25+ gels per second, at over 300 fps, then you creep up on them and take them out with a single shot from a springer, is priceless. Well, there’s no feeling quiet like that!!!

      The USP has a safety lever above the grip. This works in an unusually fashion, where the “Safe” setting prevents the slide from being racked, as opposed to disabling the trigger once the slide has been racked, as a conventional safety would.

      The HK USP Blaster is designed to run on Gel Soft Gel Balls, and we found it fed well on a wide variety of gels.


      • Model: KELe HK USP Manual Springer Gel Blaster
      • Type: Manual, Mechanical, Spring-Powered (Single shot, rack the slide for each re-load)
      • Single-Shot Pull-Back Type.
      • 1:1 Ratio
      • Metal Slide and Polymer body
      • Spring fed, single stack, Magazine
      • Magazine Capacity: Approx. 10 to 11 Gel Balls (dependant on Gel brand and variance in grown size)
      • Uses 7-8mm Gel Balls 


      • Up to 140 Feet per Second
      • Up to 20m Firing Distance
      • 1 Shot per Pull Back of the Slide, then to load the next gel the slide needs to be racked again.