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Gate Blu Link
Gate Blu Link
Gate Blu Link
Gate Blu Link
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    Gate Blu Link


      Blu-Link allows for wireless management of your GATE ETU via GCS app for iOS, Android and later this year, also Windows / macOS. You can use iPhone, Android smartphone or a computer to control ASTER or TITAN and connect them with other compatible GATE devices, such as STATUS Gun-mounted Computer. Blu-Link perfectly expands GATE ETUs possibilities by equipping them with Bluetooth® 5.0 technology.

      It also acts as an additional fuse and multifunctional wattmeter allowing for, e.g., reading telemetry data, which enables you to constantly monitor the blasters condition.

      Key features

      • Bluetooth® adapter – adds Bluetooth® function to TITAN and ASTER
      • Wireless connection between GATE ETU and compatible GATE devices – enables connecting ASTER or TITAN with other elements of GATE ecosystem (e.g., future GATE STATUS)
      • Compatibility with GCS app for iOS, Android and later this year, also Windows/macOS
      • Option to switch between data transfer and firing mode from the app level
      • Additional configurable smart fuse (UVP, SCP, OCP, OTP)  protects the battery in case of short circuiting wires between Blu-Link and TITAN or ASTER or other system failure. It provides under voltage, over current and over temperature protection
      • Multifunctional wattmeter allowing for, e.g., reading telemetry data
      • Conformal coating (Military Specification MIL-V-173C)



      • Designed to consume very little power
      • Full mobility – no cables needed to connect with the GCS app and forthcoming STATUS
      • In the data transfer mode, it allows for programming, changing settings and updating TITAN and ASTER firmware via GCS app
      • Can be plugged between the ETU and the battery through entire skirmish – no need to detach the battery for configuration or checking the Statistics (contrary to the USB-Link)


      If you want to connect with GATE Control Station via USB, use GATE USB-Link.

      GATE Control Station™ app

      Together with the GCS, you can adjust TITAN or ASTER settings and update or upgrade their firmware from devices with Android, iOS and since fall 2020, also Windows or macOS. The GCS offers you the option to:

      • control your airsoft gun
      • simply adjust GATE ETU settings
      • update and upgrade firmware
      • see the BB counters and measurements statistics
      • perform diagnostics and send reports


      GATE Control Station download page 


      USB-Link vs. Blu-Link




      GCS app for ASTER and TITAN




      No need to disconnect battery during skirmish or for programming


      Wirelessness (Bluetooth®)


      Full mobility


      Connection with other GATE ecosystem elements



        GCS PC / macOS 3.0 GCS PC / macOS 2.x GCS Android GCS iOS
      TITAN with GBU firmware + - + +
      TITAN without GBU firmware - + + -
      ASTER + - + +
      TPC + + + -
      USB-Link + + + -
      Blu-Link - - + +

      Please note: to connect ETU to GCS you need USB-Link or Blu-Link


      Control options

        Blu-Link with GCS app USB-Link with GCS app Programming via Trigger Tactical Programming Card
      Compatibility with ETU with GBU update + + + -
      Basic settings adjustment + + + +
      Advanced settings adjustment + + - -
      Firmware update + + - -
      Portable + + + +
      Sensors check + + - +
      Diagnostic Trouble Codes + + + +
      Statistics + + - -
      Updates and support + + + -