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    Armoury Upgrade Package - Stage 2


      The stage 2 upgrade package includes the following;

      1. APACHE Tappetless cylinder head
      2. Aztech Adjustable T-Piece
      3. Aztech Speed trigger
      4. Aztech high precision shim kit
      5. SHS hardened gear set
      6. Aztech Xtreme Nylon Piston and CNC head
      7. Aztech Stainless steel barrel
      8. Aztech CNC 7075 alloy gearbox
      9. Labour for the build

      So what will does all the upgrades mean?

      1. The Aztech Innovations APACHE tappetless cylinder head which increases reliability of your blaster, FPS consistency and also makes quite a difference to the sound of your blaster (about 120dB).
      2. The adjustable T-piece ensures perfect feeding and sealing.
      3. The Xtreme speed trigger which has pre and post travel adjustments so you can have a very sensitive trigger that also stops travel after the switch has made contact ensuring no “dead space”.
      4. The Aztech high precision shim kit enables you to shim the gears to perfection meaning your gears will last longer and your blaster will also sound better with less mechanical gear noise.
      5. The SHS gear set uses a much harder material and will last a very long time.
      6. The Aztech piston is a lightweight and more durable polymer piston body with very large air ports on the piston head to ensure a perfect seal
      7. The Aztech stainless steel barrel has a 7.3mm inner diameter and is highly polished to increase velocity and accuracy
      8. The Aztech 7075 alloy gearbox gives unparalleled strength to handle and punishment you can give it!