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Why you need the Hybrid Anti-Reverse Latch

May 22, 2024
Why you need the Hybrid Anti-Reverse Latch

What does the Anti-reverse latch do?

The anti reverse latch stops the bevel gear and therefore all the gears from turning back the wrong way, much like a fishing reel. This is done because it is just a one way setup to pull back the piston and if not functioning correctly (broken spring) will severely reduce the lifespan of your gears and create an oinking sound.

This is what a normal anti reverse latch looks like;

Reinforced Ver. 2/3 Anti-Reversal Latch [SLONG AIRSOFT] | TaiwanGun US & EU

The tension spring is bent in multiple places at 90 degree's which for those of us who have been playing and teching for a while also know these are a big failure point. At each 90 degree bend it creates micro fractures which a weak spot as seen below. Given the high fire rate that we use, those fractures keep widening until there is catastrophic failure and because of one little spring, it takes your gun out of the game until you pull it apart to fix it replacing the spring with another one that will fail over time.

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Enter in Aztech Innovations Hybrid Anti-Reverse Latch!

We went all out in the design and manufacture of this unit. Lets to through all the design inclusions;

  1. We made it as thick as possible to ensure that it remains extremely strong
  2. We used increadibly hard 440C Hardened stainless steel added to strength
  3. We included a chamfered edge as seen below to ensure that it does not impeded on the wiring that runs parallel with it
  4. We included a small cutout so that you can use a small flat blade screw driver to rotate it to release the tension
  5. And most of all, we did away with the tension spring and went with a coil spring that has no 90 degree bends in it meaning the spring itself has not weak spots like the traditional tension spring!


In summary, this is an inexpensive part that can be replaced easily that eliminates a very high rate of failure in all gearboxes including V2 and V3 type gearboxes.