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The last mag you will ever need! The Aztech A-Mag

October 19, 2023
The last mag you will ever need! The Aztech A-Mag - Azraels Armoury

We are currently testing an all spring mag with no motor or mag terminals. Benefits of this are HUGE as you no longer have to worry about wiring and mag terminal springs. For HPA users of pistols that use an M4 mag, you no longer need expensive adaptors or shaker mags! Also it is less to have to worry about rusting as there is nothing in this mag that can rust. CNC alloy with black oxide coating with a chrome silicone spring means there is nothing to rust. Testing is currently ongoing to ensure high rate of fire is not an issue and feeding is perfect. But if you want a quality mag for your gel blaster, a full metal mag is going to give you that feel and longevity that is currently missing. Some people spend thousands on their blasters and yet still throw in a plastic crappy mag...not exactly a match made in heaven! So now we finally have a quality mag to go with some of the awesome full metal gel blasters out there!

  1. No mag terminals or motor needed
  2. Impervious to water ingress as it is made from alloy and black oxide coated with all springs being stainless steel
  3. Easily disassembled using a quick release base
  4. Rapid feed compatible (DSG/TSG)
  5. Very nice weight (300g) and feel to them


  1. Spring fed mag meaning you do not need to worry about wiring or spring terminals
  2. Full CNC alloy design with black oxide coating and Chrome Silicone springs so rust will never be a problem
  3. Extremely rugged design. Drop and kick this all you want! It will not break!
  4. Suits many different M4 types. The top ring can be used or removed depending on your blaster model. The mag release has a spacer that can be removed so that it suits different height mag releases
  5. Suitable for HPA blasters that need special harnesses for mag terminals that are no longer needed
  6. Suitable for adaptors that would normally need shaker magazines
  7. Can operate sideways or upside-down!

Testing is currently underway which will be finalised next week. Then 3 weeks to manufacture. Time to market ~ 4 weeks.

by Jake March 08, 2024

Take my money

by Levi November 22, 2023

When can I get one?