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Taranis Gearbox Update 3

November 18, 2022
Taranis Gearbox Update 3 - Azraels Armoury

We have been busy testing the latest design which has gone very well! We have achieved our goal of surpassing 300FPS reaching a consistent 320FPS in semi and full auto firing modes. The recoil effect is astounding and gives you that realistic feedback of firing. The larger bolt cycling back and forward is so visually pleasing as well also making it look much more like the real thing!

The increased volume made all the difference. The 7075 alloy and 440C stainless steel held up perfectly and current draw, which we assumed would be higher due to the heavy bolt, came in at 32amps in semi auto and 25amps in full auto making it still very efficient. The bolt also now directly hits the beefed up APACHE directly which shows no issues. A side effect of using a sorbo pad is if it starts to wear down or if it falls off it caused failure of the piston/apache assembly and also impacted AOE. Direct hitting of the two items without a pad shows no issues and removes that possibility of failure totally making it much more reliable. 

We are making some refinements based on our testing as follows into our production model;

  1. Using a non-split version of the Scythe gearbox
  2. Reverting back to needle roller bearings

These will now be going into production next week and will be open for preorder also next week. These will be 'made to order' in that preorder window. Let the evolution begin!

1 comment
by Diego Fajardo November 18, 2022

Well done guys! I can’t wait!