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Recoil Gearbox Update 2 - Prototype Testing

October 19, 2022
Recoil Gearbox Update 2 - Prototype Testing - Azraels Armoury

Testing of the recoil gearbox has been going very well! The amount of recoil gives that realism that is really missing as does the moving bolt. Our first prototype gave us some great insights into this innovative design and ways to enhance it for the next iteration. We have made a number of changes including;

  1. Adding a barrel collar so you can use any barrel rather than one that had to be specifically designed for the gearbox. This is also done to ensure a perfect seal between the barrel and APACHE nozzle so there is no air leak
  2. Changing the piston design so the bolt make direct contact with the APACHE rather than the piston head for reliability and longevity
  3. Correcting AOE from factory so alignment is perfect at 12 o'clock
  4. Reinforced rear gearbox to aid reliability
  5. Specially designed spring to ensure maximum FPS

Some of the original concerns over the design have been put to bed including;

  • The hardened CNC rack and if it can take the punishment of pulling back such a large load. The rack held up perfect with no wear even under huge spring tension.
  • The 7075 alloy gearbox housing can certainly take the increased load of the 120g bolt smashing forward with no issues.
  • The bolt assembly held up perfectly thanks to the hardened 440C stainless steel. The special Japanese made screws held up perfectly as well holding the rack solidly in place.
  • The specially designed APACHE held up perfectly thanks to the design that makes it distribute the load over a large surface area
  • The 18:1 gear ratio coupled with a warhead 30k brushless motor had no trouble pulling back the large spring and heavy bolt in semi and full auto operation.
  • The needle bearings proved there worth in ensuring the bolt remains in perfect alignment at all times.

All in all we are extremely happy with the testing of the first prototype and are looking forward to the next and hopefully last prototype!

Stay tuned!

by Scott Smith October 20, 2022

Farkbueah shut up and take my money lol

by Diego Fajardo October 19, 2022

Amazing can’t wait to get one!