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Integra Gearbox/Receiver Update 2

October 10, 2023
Integra Gearbox/Receiver Update 2 - Azraels Armoury

Update 2 for the Integra!

We have included as many features as possible that take advantage of the combining of the gearbox into the receiver. Since this receiver has integrated gearbox that also comes with adjustable spring retainer and magnetic trigger the cost will reflect this. We expect the end retail price to be AUD$799 which in comparison to a 7075 CNC receiver, 7075 CNC gearbox, CNC trigger and even a standard CNC spring retainer to be extremely good value!

Infinite Customization

  1. Ability to adjust the FPS on your AEG by pre-tensioning the main spring from the outside adjuster ring. There is also the ability to "Comp lock" this ring with a zip tie so that it cannot be adjusted after officials have tested your AEG.
  2. Adjust the pre-travel of your trigger or the movement needed to engage the mosfet to fire.
  3. Adjust the post-travel of your trigger so that where you have set it to fire, you can have it stop just after if you wish or leave at minimum for full range.
  4. Adjust the trigger break amount which is the feel of the stop right before you would have your mosfet fire your AEG for that realistic feel. You can also remove the adjuster screw so that there is no trigger break.
Comp Lock Spring Retainer
Above shows the FPS adjustment lock using a simple zip tie which is currently used at most competitive venues. This allows the user to set the initial FPS of the gun then when tested, the official locks it so that it cannot be altered during gameplay.
Adjustable Spring Retainer
The spring retainer uses an ingenious design that allows adjustment without having to take apart the gun or removal of the buffer tube. Much like our hellfire and Muzzletek hopups, adjusting it occurs in increments that come with a satisfying "Click" which also enables it to not self-adjust.
Magnetic Trigger
Not only does the trigger have pre and post travel adjustments as well as adjustable trigger break, it has magnetic tension instead of a spring. This gives a nice linear response to the tension which can also be adjusted using the included various strength of magnets that can be used. Also instead of using a trigger with poles each end that are just placed into holes for installation, this uses a sealed bearing so that the trigger movement will be incredibly smooth! Smoother than any other trigger available!
Showing off the Split design of the Integra!
    by Zak Ryan December 01, 2023

    Hi will there be more coming in the future??

    by Zak Ryan December 01, 2023

    Hi will there be more coming in the future??