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Integra Gearbox/Receiver Update 1

October 02, 2023
Integra Gearbox/Receiver Update 1 - Azraels Armoury

Thank you everyone for your feedback and ideas. We are heading towards and integrated gearbox and receiver system which will allow many features not possible in a standard configuration. As we currently make gearboxes and receivers, we wanted to integrate the 2 to ensure perfect fit, alignment and allow other features.

So far, the list of features are as follows;

  1. Lower and upper completely separate. With the take down and pivot pins removed, the whole upper rotates and can separate just like a GBBR or real steal variant. This includes the front guard as part of the upper. Will also suit tappet plates if needed.
  2. Removable lower gearbox gear access panel to allow easy installation, repairs and shimming.
  3. Magnetic Tension trigger
  4. Adjustable spring pre-tensioner to allow +-50FPS adjustment of the main spring