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EBBR Project with RECOIL!

September 01, 2022
EBBR Project with RECOIL! - Azraels Armoury

We are always innovating in the field of gel blasters and airsoft and we are set to reveal our most exciting project ever! For decades there has been 3 main camps;

  1. Gas blow back rifles (GBBR)
  2. Automatic electric guns (AEG)
  3. High Pressure Air (HPA) 

GBBR's add that level of realism that those seeking a more realistic feel and action are drawn to and they operate very well. They do have a high price tag initially as well as ongoing gas cost and limited ammo capacity in the magazine.

AEG's on the other hand are price competitive, have higher ammo capacity and run off a simple battery which can be recharged time and time again. They do suit most purposes except for the realism of the action component of GBBR's which many are drawn to. There is such thing as an EBBR (Electric Blow Back Rifle) but typically this is just a tin plate that moves back and forward over the gearbox giving a tinny sound and no recoil aspect. Certainly not really adding realism to the action at all. This spurred us into action to develop an AEG that has a more realistic action and feel.

Welcome to the yet unnamed project that is the Aztech Innovations EBBR with Recoil!

This is not just the addition of a gimmicky plate that moves back and forward. Our new product has a bolt that cycles back and forward like a real gun yet is still driven by a motor and lipo battery. Not only do you get the added benefit of a realistic bolt movement, but also the feel of significant recoil that is NOT just a sprung weight sitting in your buffer tube. Everything is functional and is not there for looks or feel and all components are made of high strength steel and alloy.

We built this on our proven Scythe split gearbox design however has significant modifications to the design to enable this functionality. The lower gearbox is actually untouched so can still use your favorite gears, trigger and mosfet. You will certainly feel the recoil from this new gearbox and with the cycling bolt will be certainly unique on the field as you show off how realistic your gel blaster is.

We are extremely excited about this product and will keep you all updated with our testing shortly.

by Paul Woodbridge January 13, 2023

Looks good. If you put in a variable weight block system, you could vary the recoil effect.

by Tye Ungermann September 05, 2022

Dude no recoil was the only reason I didn’t want hpa but all that’s about to change 😂

by Andrew September 04, 2022

Will this fit into a hk416d

by G blaster September 03, 2022

Sounds good can’t wait to test one out

by Steven X September 01, 2022

If this works and doesn’t cost the earth to buy, then it will be the new go to for most people