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Aztech Prize Giveaway

August 24, 2021
Aztech Prize Giveaway - Azraels Armoury

Be In It To Win It

Who wants some free AZTECH Innovations goodies? 

Fancy winning a shinny new Aztech Scythe CNC 7075 V2 gearbox worth $240?



Or what about a revolutionary Aztech APACHE tapetless cylinder head worth $75?


Oh and maybe an Aztech Xtreme Adjustable trigger worth $50? 



Oh and Why not an Aztech Xtreme piston set as well worth $35?





Last but definitely not least, the brand new Xtreme Adjustable CNC T piece worth $40!




Sound good?  We you gotta be in it to win it and here’s how.

We lost our FB Page with 4 years worth of content and 18000 followers so we are doing all we can to get followers on our Instagram and direct to our website newsfeed back up again.

To be in the running to win some cool stuff we ask you to:

- Head over to our Instagram profile and follow us for our sexy photo feed.

-  Then please jump on our website using this link and subscribe to our email newsfeed to keep up to date with our blogs

- As we don’t have a Facebook page please make sure you have joined our new Facebook group and share it with your mates so they can keep up to date with our newsfeed and product releases.

  -  Last but not least please head to our Youtube channel, like and subscribe, we will be using this as our main upload base for videos now, please comment where you can as it really helps the channel.

If you have already like or followed any of our link prior then you will also be in the running!

We have just cracked 2000 followers on Instagram, when we hit 4000 followers we will draw 5 random winners that is in our FB group, follows us on Instagram and has their email on our notifications list.

The more you all share, the sooner we will draw the winner.

Good luck!!

by Ged Kehoe August 28, 2021

I’ll hang out here. Love the engineering boys.

by Ged Kehoe August 28, 2021

I’ll hang out here. Love the engineering boys.

by Ryan Stewart August 27, 2021

If I don’t win I’ll die lol

by Ryan Stewart August 27, 2021

If I don’t win I’ll die lol

by Ben Whiting August 27, 2021

I’m loving the look of the scythe box if only there was a decent skeletonized receiver that would show it off

by Brian Barczi.. Aka.. Pablo August 25, 2021

I’d love for those to be put in my plain looking mp 5 and then surprise a few while pew peeing at PB 3 ..Yes I’m actually playing this time.. Teena.. Be good to see who I come up against the Marty and Iggy.

by Michael August 25, 2021

The team in the shop are always friendly and sincere. The products they put the public are tested in the shop and on the field . I joined as a member because i believe in the products and seen the work that goes into the design. Invite your friend to come to the shop and see for yourself.

by Robert Kilpatrick August 25, 2021

Thanks for my Scar L Love it would love 4 you yo help me put some of your goodness into my Scar……….

by Jayden Holborn August 24, 2021

Just got my EMG Blitz and can’t wait to use it this weekend. Hope i win the draw.

by Mackenzie August 24, 2021

I really love your innovation team! When I was looking around for upgrades you are the best I’ve seen on the market and I’m so stoked with the products I’ve put into my arp 9

by Ben Ireland August 24, 2021

Fingers crossed 🤞

by Liam Fraser August 24, 2021

Exciting. Hopefully i win

by Jeremy Leonard August 24, 2021

Amazing work on the Aztech upgrade keep it up

by josh August 24, 2021

check my spending account with u guys i clearly deserve to win this

by James Brown August 24, 2021

This looks mint and thanks heaps for the chance to win

by Ethan Manley August 24, 2021

Pick me!