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Aztech Innovations A-Mag update!

November 10, 2023
Aztech Innovations A-Mag update! - Azraels Armoury

We have been working hard in finalising the design of the first full spring-fed, CNC alloy magazine to suit all M4's.

Some updates in the design;

  • Added fill hole in the side to enable quick and rapid filling of the magazine
  • Added side window so can see how full the mag is from both sides now
  • Increased flow rate through better internal design

Testing now is almost complete. Expected in 4 weeks! The first batch will be sent in first in best dressed. We are not doing a large first batch so access will be limited.

by John Huxham May 25, 2024

When are these things going to be sent out as i preordered have been waiting 6 months now , either fix the problems now and ship out or give us back our money

by Jaye Howard May 16, 2024

When are the Aztech Innovations Polymer A-MAG Spring Magazine – Pre-order / Black being sent out.

by Will Kent April 26, 2024

Hello Gelball innovation legends, any new news regarding these A mags?? Cheers.

by Evan Forbes February 07, 2024

When are the A-Mags actually being sent out?

by Phill December 15, 2023

As an ex airsoft guy now living in Oz I’m curious, does this function the same or similar as a typical airsoft hi cap mag but using less tension to avoid ammo damage? This looks like a game changer and is great to see you guys putting in serious work and enthusiasm to improve gelsoft, at this rate I may even get into gelsoft but still on the fence at the moment :)