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Aztech Hellfire Hop Up

March 11, 2021
Aztech Hellfire Hop Up - Azraels Armoury
Thank you for purchasing an Aztech Hellfire Hop up.
The Muzzletek Hellfire is the first of its kind, CNC machined 6065 alluminium exo-cage construction with an injection molded Polypropylene internal

The Hellfire hop up has a 14mm reverse thread for direct fitment to rifle style blasters that have a 14mm counterclockwise threaded outer barrel plus it also comes with an adaptor for 12mm reverse thread to suit most GBB pistols.

For ideal fitment we recommend a barrel length that ends flush with the end of the outer barrel (where the 14mm ccw thread ends) to ensure the inner barrel sits perfectly flush with the hop up inner inside the Hellfire.


Fitting Your Hellfire Hop Up

Cutting your inner barrel to end flush is key to

fitting your Hellfire for best performance. If your inner barrel protrudes past the outer barrel it can apply pressure to the hop up internal assembly and will affect the flight of the gel.

How to cut the inner barrel:

Alluminium barrels can be cut using a pipe cutter or a cutting disk on a grinder. If the barrel is stainless you will need to use a grinder with a 1mm cutting disk.

1.-Mark the inner barrel with a marker pen at the end of the outer barrel, remove the inner barrel then cut at the line drawn.

2.-Use a small hand file or a 9mm drill bit to drill less than 1mm into the end of barrel to chamfer/crown the inside of the inner barrel to remove all internal burs. Making sure there is no rough or sharp edges left as these will damage the gel as it leaves the barrel or affect its line of flight.

3.Re install the barrel and make sure it is flush with the outer barrel.

4.Wind the Hellfire hop up onto the outer barrel, please note it is a REVERSE thread. If you try and force it on to the wrong direction thread or size it may damage the 6065 alluminium the Hellfire is made of.

5.Turn the Hellfire all the way on until it stops, the Aztech logo may not sit at the top /12 o’clock, you will need to wind it back off enough to align the logo with the top.
Use the 2x 1.5mm grub screws on the sides to lock the Hellfire into place once it is set into position.

 Tuning Your Aztech Hellfire Hop Up

The Aztech Hellfire is a tool free adjustable unit.
Once fitted you do not need allen keys to adjust

The Front face of the Hellfire is the adjusting panel with 90 degrees of rotation offering 8 different adjustment settings with a maximum throw on the hop tongue of 1.5mm. The adjuster plate has internal detents to add a click to the adjustment and to ensure it can not self adjust.

Optimum setting.

Max flight of a gelball is obtained by adding a set amount of back spin to increase range of flight but not send the gel sky high. Too much hop will cause the gel to fly up high, way above the original projection angle.

Ideally you would want to see the gel fly flat, then as it slows and starts to drop the back spin then creates lift and the gel then climbs back up a little to extend the flight from its original range until it runs out of puff.

We have found in our extensive testing. If fitted to a tight bore barrel (7.25mm or less) the hop requires just 1 or 2 clicks from the off position to apply the right hop amount for max flight range and consistency. Tuning your blaster may be different of course.

7.3-7.6mm internal diameter barrels may require 2-4 clicks of adjustment from the off position to add the right amount of back spin to stabilize the gel in flight after leaving the larger bore barrel. 


 Typically we see standard spec gel blasters performing to around 20m before the gel flight drops off, adding the hop up can extend that to around the 30-35m with reasonable consistency (this of course varies per blaster)

Tuned and modified blasters with FPS levels of around 330fps and improved seal and balanced performance can see gel flight range of to beyond 50m or more.


by September 29, 2022

Yes were is your return address damaged goods I just bought a peace wires were braded

by Tyler March 18, 2021

So design differs from the muzzletek hop up. Do they both preform same

by Tyler March 18, 2021

So design differs from the muzzletek hop up. Do they both preform same