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Azrael Armoury Upgraded MCX teaser

November 11, 2021
Azrael Armoury Upgraded MCX teaser

5 upgraded MCX blasters will be available soon, all different spec from mild to outright wild. Keep an eye on the Azraels website for when these tuned blasters hit the streets.

We will be release 1 of each type into the wild with an Aztech APACHE tappetless cylinder head and our factory retune.

There will be a moderate build in the MCX folding stock variant with SHS parts and an Aztech APACHE.

The there will be a wild all in Aztech CNC build available for each variant.


Watch this space for these amazing blasters

by Jeremy December 01, 2021

Hi I am wanting a full custom gun please contact me , I have tried to ring but no one answers

by Steven jenner November 30, 2021

Cool 😎 I want patiently waiting ,kinda haha