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Ambi Selector Plate for Scythe Builds

August 19, 2021
Ambi Selector Plate for Scythe Builds - Azraels Armoury

When building a Scythe CNC gearbox to use in a receiver with ambidextrous fire controls, you will need an ambidextrous compatible selector plate to operate the fire select.

If you are using an APS donor box it will have a selector plate in it but there is three different types of plate.
But for Ambi use on a Scythe you can only use one type. That is the APS Ambi compatible one.
The three different types from the factory are the:

1-APS Silveredge (NON Mosfet) gearbox from a receiver with NON ambi controls

2-APS Silveredge (NON Mosfet) gearbox from a receiver WITH ambi controls

3-APS eSilveredge (SDU2.0 Mosfet) gearbox from either receiver type.


 The top one is perfect for non ambi use, the middle is the ideal selector to use as it is for ambi.

Unfortunately the Mosfet type selector plate on the bottom is a no go, it cant be used at all, its completely different.

At the moment we only have option 1 available as a replacement part or as a new part for scratch builds, twice we have ordered bulk of the ambi plate but APS have sent the wrong one both times.

But, there is a fix, the NON Ambi plate can easily be modded to suit ambi use.


Pictured below is how and where to shave material off the plate, the easiest way would be using a dremel with a metal square edge burr for a nice easy cut.


The cut needs to be a dome as per shown in the image, cutting away inside the marker area, making the material thinner cuting away about 35-40% of the material. Don’t go beyond 50%, going too thin ie less than half the thickness will become too thin.

Below shows uncut and then the start of the modifiation.

The lower edge of the plate needs to be also shaved and cut flat removing the protruding section on the left of the dome, dont touh to the right of the cut out, that thin section is needed as it seats under the guide track on te gearbox.

Once shaved, test fit with the selector to see if it rides over the plate over. If dimensions are good, clean up any rough edges as a finished product.




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by Adrian kurtz May 14, 2024

After type 2 ambi selector plate…but not able to find to purchase