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NWell Beretta M92 Co2 GBB Magazines

    NWell Beretta M92 Co2 GBB Magazines


      The NWell Beretta M92 Co2 GBB Magazines, are crafted exclusively for the NWell M92 Beretta gel blaster pistol. Engineered with precision and performance in mind, these magazines offer unparalleled reliability and functionality to enhance your gel blaster experience.

      Designed to meet the demands of serious gel blaster enthusiasts or for those seeking maximum power and performance. The Co2 magazine delivers an unparalleled experience. With the NWell Berretta stronger recoil spring designed specifically for Co2 usage, you'll notice a significant difference in blowback intensity, offering a truly immersive shooting experience.

      Please note that the NWell Beretta M92 is optimised for use with Co2, and with the Berettas reinforced internal springs and parts are designed to work efficiently on Co2.

      As this pistol is designed specifically far use with Co2 as the power source we’ve found green gas quite inefficient and it struggles to cycle the slide after each shot fired. herefore, the green gas magazine’s effectiveness may vary compared to the Co2 counterpart.