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Armoury Upgraded Chimera DSG M4
Armoury Upgraded Chimera DSG M4
Armoury Upgraded Chimera DSG M4

    Armoury Upgraded Chimera DSG M4


      This head turner is already built and ready to use right now. It hits at around 305 FPS  with an insane rate of fire at 45 RPS!

      It boasts a 20cm guard in silver with a matching receiver, Chimera grip an M16 stock.

      Internally it has a violet Aztech split scythe gearbox with the Aztech piston in a 50% ported cylinder,  SHS 18-1 gears with a DSG making it effectively a 9-1 , Leviathan V2 mosfet, Aztech APACHE, Aztech adjustable T piece, feeding into an Aztech barrel and all powered by the Warhead 36k motor and assisted by the hellfire hop up.

      • Aztech Innovations Receiver in Silver
      • Aztech Innovations Chimera grip in silver
      • Aztech Innovations Scythe CNC gearbox
      • Aztech Innovations adjustable T-Piece
      • Aztech Innovations Chimera 20cm Guard
      • Aztech Innovations anti rotation bushes
      • Aztech Innovations Perfect Pinion
      • Jefftron Levi Optical Mosfet
      • SHS 9:1 DSG gears
      • Aztech Innovations Piston and CNC head
      • Aztech Innovations Hybrid anti reverse latch
      • SHS M150 spring
      • Warhead brushless motor
      • Aztech Innovations Stainless steel barrel
      • EPM mag included
      • FPS 305
      • RPS 45
      • Takes Gen 8 and EPM mags
      • Aztech APACHE
      • Warhead 30k motor
      • Shorty AR15 stock