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Aztech Accu-Port CNC Piston Head
Aztech Accu-Port CNC Piston Head - Azraels Armoury
Aztech Accu-Port CNC Piston Head - Azraels Armoury

    Aztech Accu-Port CNC Piston Head


      Introducing the Accu-Port Piston Head from Aztech Innovations, a game-changer in airsoft precision and performance. This adjustable piston head is designed to enhance your airsoft gun's accuracy and minimize grouping spread through its innovative port adjustment feature.

      This unique system functions like a tunable cylinder port, releasing pressure to allow for infinite adjustment levels. Tailor your setup to achieve unparalleled accuracy by fine-tuning the piston head to perfectly complement your barrel, ideal for correcting over volumed or improperly ported cylinders.Crafted from high-quality CNC 7075 Aluminium, the Accu-Port Piston Head is built for durability and performance.

      It comes equipped with a thrust bearing and a pre-fitted silicone rubber O-ring, plus an additional upgrade Viton O-ring for superior resilience and sealing. The piston head's anodized finish not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also enhances its corrosion resistance.The design incorporates the possibility to add Angle of Engagement (AOE) spacers between the piston body and head, allowing for further customization. Additionally, the slotted internal base ensures ease of piston assembly, making installation a breeze.

      Designed to maximize FPS and overall performance, the Accu-Port Piston Head sets a new standard in the Aztech piston head lineup. It is compatible with Airsoft V2 and V3 gearboxes. For optimal tuning and the correct length in Aztech or APS gearboxes, we recommend pairing it with the Aztech Spring retainer, ensuring it does not intrude more than 40mm.Elevate your airsoft game with the Accu-Port Piston Head by Aztech Innovations, where precision engineering meets unmatched performance.

      Please note Low strength Loctite should be used on the thread from piston to head.

      1. A long 3mm Allen key is used to adjust the Accu-Port.
      2. From new the port will be adjusted to the closed /off position which will not allow any air through.
      3. Releasing the Allen key will release air and allow tuning of the volume.
      4. Best performance is most likely to be within the range of 3-5 full turns from the off position.
      5. Once tuned and set, a low strength Loctite should be used on the adjuster thread to ensure it doesn’t self adjust when firing.

      *Piston body not included, colour may vary from pictured