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Azrael Upgraded APS Real Wood AK74 330fps
Azrael Upgraded APS Real Wood AK74 330fps
Azrael Upgraded APS Real Wood AK74 330fps

    Azrael Upgraded APS Real Wood AK74 330fps



      The AK platform is known for being an absolute work horse be it real firearms, airsoft or gel ball.

      This AK74L all metal stock blaster is DONE.  In fact this one is an absolute RIPPER

      Upgraded by the "Armoury" to run and run and run and run and run. The V3 gearbox is as strong as an ox.

      On 11.1v, this Warhead Innovations 30k brushless motor on 16:1 ratio gears will run rings around your opposition, at 27 rounds per second all day every day with out generating heat or even breaking a sweat which means the Jefftron Leviathan MOSFET will run with out an issue keeping this AK as reliable as a real one.

      The Hellfire hop up tuned is giving absolutely brilliant accuracy and range thanks to perfected cylinder porting.

      Upgrades include:

      • Warhead Innovations 30k Black short Brushless Motor
      • Aztech APACHE Tappet less cylinder head
      • Aztech piston and CNC piston head with Viton O ring
      • Jefftron Leviathan V3 Optical Mosfet
      • Aztech Stainless CNC anti Reverse Latch
      • Aztech T-Piece
      • Aztech Stainless Steel Barrel
      • Aztech stainless bushes
      • Aztech Hellfire Hop Up
      • SHS 16:1 Ratio hardened gears
      • SHS M110 spring
      • 80% ported cylinder
      • Deans T Plug
      • Gears Shimmed and Piston Angle of engagement set closer to 12 o'clock.

       PLEASE NOTE: this blaster has been upgraded, which means we have opened the receiver and taken it apart.  As a result you may find the take down pins, nuts bolts and screws may have some paint worn off, wear or marks showing on or around the receiver from handling and being worked on as a result of using tools to work on the blaster.  While we take every care we can to try and keep the blaster in as new condition, marks are inevitable when opening a blaster.

      1. Inner barrel size: 7.3mm
      2. Silveredge metal V3 Gear Box Installed
      3. 8mm Stainless Aztech Bushings installed for reliability
      4. Velocity: ~330 FPS
      5. Fire Selector: Safe / Semi Auto / Full Auto
      6. Plastic Hand Grip
      7. Metal Body, Hand Guard and stock
      8. Rate of Fire: 24 Rounds Per Second
      9. Magazine Capacity : 300 Rounds
      10. Length 75cm(L) x 35cm(H) x 5cm(W)
      11. Weight: 3.5kg