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Acetech Lighter C Tracer Unit

    Acetech Lighter C Tracer Unit



      • The Lighter C is a smallest and lightest tracer unit designed for the pistol.
      • Lighter C could light up green tracer gels with very high brightness.
      • It automatically switches off under the following conditions:
        • Device has idled for 40 minutes
        • When the battery power is low, after the power indicator blinks in red color for 3 seconds.
      • Remaining power indicator (flash once per second)
        • A. Green light: high power
        • B. Orange light: medium power
        • C. Red light: low power
      • Do not look straight into the muzzle to check the installation of the device to prevent any accident like mistakenly pulling the trigger or firing the blaster.


      Micro USB charging cable x 1;
      Adaptor x1(M14 anti-clockwise thread to M11 clockwise thread)

      *You will need the below adapter if you want to install it to our co2 pistols