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Acetech BiFrost Tracer/Flame Unit - Black - Azraels Armoury

    Acetech BiFrost Tracer/Flame Unit - Black


      The new ACETECH BiFROST Module tracer unit supports green and and water gels. The unit comes in 11 modes in total and loops in the following sequence :
      1  Red/Orange/Yellow/Green/Blue/Pink/Purple Beam and Flame .  The Flame LED flashes the color of the mode switched to.

      2  RGB Beam/Flame – The flame LED flashes R/G/B for once

      3  Rainbow Beam/Flame – This flame LED flashes white twice

      4 Rainbow Dynamic – The Flame LED flashes white three times.

      5 Demo – The flame LED flashes white for four times

      6 Turn OFF – Turn Off flame functions.  The Power indicator flashes green for three times or keeps blinking.

      • Unit simulates muzzle flash, the effect of flame depends on volume of gas or water fog around the muzzle, with more volume, effect will be better
      • Smart Power Saving System: Shake and Wake for quicker kick-off.
      • BBs Support: Green Tracer BBs and Water Gel BBs
      • Large Battery: Fully charged battery would last over 20000 rounds on Tracer mode only.
      • Patented in US, AU, and JP
      • Compatible with a range of flash hiders and suppressors to give the player options of changing it to suit the look but still have the tracer unit.

      Disclaimer: Do not shine directly into human eyes. Not a toy. Keep away from Children.


      *Support green tracer Gels
      *Support 35 PRS running fire speed.
      *Built-in li-Poly battery with charge time of 2.5 hours
      *Charging once can provide the shooting of over 20000 tracers.
      *FCC, CE, ROHS
      *Size: diameter 28 mm, length 54 mm
      *Weight: 30 g

      * 1 Type C charging cable
      *1 manual