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Evolution of the Scythe

September 14, 2021
Evolution of the Scythe - Azraels Armoury

Aztech Innovations have just release sneeky pics of the new Split V2 gearbox 




A true split box which means the upper half of the gearbox can be removed from the receiver leaving the lower half of the gearbox still firmly bolted into the lower of the receiver.

Just pop the front receiver pin out and remove the upper receiver like normal, then push the rear pin of the receiver through and up comes the upper half of the split gearbox (the only added step is remove buffer tube bolt for receivers that bolt the buffer tube to the spring retainer).

This allows for access into the lower of the gearbox for gear wear inspection, re greasing and servicing. 

With the upper have of the split gearbox removed you can quickly and easily change the main spring, open the upper half for piston and o ring servicing plus easy installation and servicing of the APACHE tappet less cylinder head.

APACHE?  Yes this Split Scythe 7075 CNC gearbox is specific to the incredibly popular Aztech APACHE. There are no provision for a tappet or return spring in the split box. Running the APACHE is one of the ways this can be a true split gearbox, there is no tappet to hold the nozzle in place, removing the tappet allows for a huge increase in 7075 aluminum material which will massively strengthen the upper and lower and allow for the magazine terminal to be attached to the lower of the box unlike other splits where the terminal are still attached to the front of the gearbox which is inherently part of the upper half once separated.

The upper and lower piece together with a silky smooth connection thanks to ridiculously tight tolerances that locates the two halves together to perfection.

The CNC machining is absolutely gorgeous on this prototype, the raw 7075 anodized in Aztechs coppery bronze is just pleasing to the eye.

What are the advantages? The main one is as above, servicing of the upper, ie the piston, o ring and APACHE, re greasing gears in the lower.  Another huge exciting idea is to be able to build two Splits.  One with a faster motor and gear combo, one with a slower.  One with porting to suit a short barrel, the other with porting to suit a long barrel.  Out of that setup you have 4 combinations to apply to different game types, ie, short and fast for CQB, Slow and long for milsim, or the combo swaps of fast and long and slow and short.  Setup two different M4s with 4 different combos.


According to Aztech the Split prototype was a 100% success, thanks to so much RnD around the V2 Scythe the development of the Split was streamlined, they are going straight into production but haven't given a release date yet, they have indicated that the cost should be around $60 more than the current anodized Scythes that are $240 rrp due to a more complex machining process followed by a heap of inspections for quality control