WE Tech Glock 17 Hex Dual Stipple SPL MOD1
WE Tech Glock 17 Hex Dual Stipple SPL MOD1
WE Tech Glock 17 Hex Dual Stipple SPL MOD1
WE Tech Glock 17 Hex Dual Stipple SPL MOD1

    WE Tech Glock 17 Hex Dual Stipple SPL MOD1


      QLD and WA We can ship directly

      SA and VIC buyers please see the notes below:

      MOD 1 ready to roll! This is speciality line custom laser stippled and engraved with upgrade match trigger.

      We have installed a short throw S Style CNC flat face match trigger to the polymer frame which has been laser eteched and engraved in a perfect Hex grid and soft stipple pattern than can not be achieve by hand iron stippling.

      It has been done the same on both sides of the polymer frame to add a beautiful textured grip and feel which makes the frame super grippy and feel amazing in the hand.  There are no sharp or rough edges so it will not catch or grab on clothing.

      The are custom stippled upon sale.  We are not pre working these.  Which means these will have a 48 hour turn around from purchase to shipping.  If you want to purchase in store, buy online and have for instore pick up to allow the 48 hour before collection.

      Modeled off the full size polymer frame Glock 17 these gel ball pistols are super reliable and high performing with CNC aluminium barrel holder and feed ramp, tilting 7.5mm Id stainless steel barrels and internal safe action style trigger safety with gel ball specific magazine holding around 18 gels.

      WE gas blow back pistols represent some of the best value and best bang for buck pistols proven world wide as high performers and reliability above their price tag, these gel ball versions are no different. These pistols are a superb addition for the line 2021 line up.
      -Item Weight (gram): 800
      -Major Color: Black with Silver Alluminium slide
      -Length: 200mm
      -Barrel Length: ~90mm
      -Blow Back: Yes
      -Shooting Mode: Semi-Automatic
      -Magazine Capacity: 18 Rounds
      -Bullet Type: 7-8mm Gel balls
      -Pistol Power Source: Green Gas
      -Power (Muzzle Velocity): 285FPS (Top Gas @ 25C Room Temperature)

      Note: Gas blow-back magazines do cool down after each usage and should be allowed to return to room temperature between usage for best performance. For heavy usage, rotate between a few mags.
      Reminder: Keeping all gas blow-back guns well lubricated will resolve 90% of performance issues.

       South Australian Buyers:
      As SAPOL now has the class A section 4 gel blaster specific license, we can ship gel blasters to you if you email a copy of your license to support@azraelsarmoury.com and at the point of sale please add you license number in the notes to ensure the order doesn’t get automatically cancelled.

      For more information on how to get your Section A class 4 license please follow this link:


      Victorian Buyers:
      The only way we can ship gel blasters to Victoria is if you supply a copy off the appropriate license to legally own replica firearms.

      Replica firearms are not the same as imitation firearms. Replicas are working copies of an original firearm and anyone in possession of a replica must register it and be the holder of the appropriate firearms licence.