WE Tech Beretta 92 BioHazard Stars Black Gas Blowback Gel Blaster Pistol
WE Tech Beretta 92 BioHazard Stars Black Gas Blowback Gel Blaster Pistol
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    WE Tech Beretta 92 BioHazard Stars Black Gas Blowback Gel Blaster Pistol


      QLD and WA We can ship directly

      SA and VIC buyers please see the notes below:

      WE Beretta 92  GBB Pistol 

      The WE Biohazard M92 Gas Blowback gel blaster Pistol features a metal frame that is durable and light weight enough to function with its realistic blowback. There are textured polymer pistol grips etched with the legendary S.T.A.R.S. markings and logo. Aim at your target with ease through the clearly visible white dots on the iron sights. The M92 comes with a CNC barrel holder and 7.25mm barrel for better accuracy and efficiency. Also, the barrel stays in place well while the slide is moving, which makes this pistol even more accurate in performance and realism! Overall, the WE Biohazard M92 is an awesome pistol for enthusiasts and collectors seeking to complete their armory.

      The 92 is a double/single-action semi auto pistol with the iconic open-slide design.

      Running Semi auto and is full auto capable by using the hidden full auto feature of setting the safety half way between safe and fire.

      With a full metal body and slide with immatation wood grips and a 15 gel ball capacity magazine, this pistol has a great action with the classic Beretta "fits like a glove" feel.

      This double action gas blowback pistol strips like the real thing and has a full functional slide mounted safety lever. Pistol has front and rear sights for quick target acquisition. Lanyard mounting point on bottom of the grip.

      These new pistols from WE feel a lot nicer to use than a lot of other GBB pistols and they are very solidly built. As this has a metal top slide we recommend using high quality gel blaster gas with this pistol.

      Great sound and impressive recoil, this full scale replica is ideal as a secondary and also for training use. 

      The magazines use a gelball specific injection moulded ABS plastic feed lips and magazine follower designed and made my Aztech Innovations and gelball specific spring.

      -Velocity Feet Per Second (FPS): 300fps (Gel Blaster gas @ 25C Room Temperature)
      -Length: 195mm
      -Weight (with Magazine): 1000g
      -Inner Barrel Length: 104mm
      -Barrel: 7.25mm stainless
      -Chamber: CNC Alloy Barrel holder and Silicon chamber seal
      -Metal Slide
      -Heavy Recoil Springs Fitted
      -Blow Back: Yes
      -Trigger type: Double Action Single Action
      -Shooting Mode: Semi-Automatic & Full auto
      -Magazine Capacity: 17 Rounds
      -Bullet Type: 7-8mm Gel balls
      -Pistol Power Source: Gel Blaster Gas

      Note: Gas blow-back magazines do cool down after each usage and should be allowed to return to room temperature between usage for best performance. For heavy usage, rotate between a few mags.

      Reminder: Keeping all gas blow-back guns well lubricated will resolve 90% of performance issues.

       South Australian Buyers:
      As SAPOL now has the class A section 4 gel blaster specific license, we can ship gel blasters to you if you email a copy of your license to support@azraelsarmoury.com and at the point of sale please add you license number in the notes to ensure the order doesn’t get automatically cancelled.

      For more information on how to get your Section A class 4 license please follow this link:


      Victorian Buyers:
      The only way we can ship gel blasters to Victoria is if you supply a copy off the appropriate license to legally own replica firearms.

      Replica firearms are not the same as imitation firearms. Replicas are working copies of an original firearm and anyone in possession of a replica must register it and be the holder of the appropriate firearms licence.