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Upgraded Chimera DSG 300FPS - 50RPS Gel Blaster
Upgraded Chimera DSG 300FPS - 50RPS Gel Blaster

    Upgraded Chimera DSG 300FPS - 50RPS Gel Blaster



        CHIMERA WITH DSG is the complete package!


        Custom Custom Custom.   

        This is the one of the most extreme builds we have ever put to the market.  That's it- nothing more to Say!!!

        Setup for absolutely insane trigger response and cycle rate, on full auto it runs over 50 rps.  YEP.. 50 on our eYou 11.1v batteries.

        Chimera with super fast response, 300 fps running 9:1 Dual Sector Gear!!!

        PLEASE do not adjust the settings. It may effect the performance and reliability of the build.

        This is the ultimate combo of the highest tech and best parts currently on the market worldwide- built for incredible trigger response and aimed at the speedball competition player!

        Upgrades pre installed include:

        • Aztech Violet 7075 alloy Chimera M4
        • Aztech Chimera ultra lightweight guard
        • M16 Stock to house large 60c 11.1v battery
        • Ameoba Grip
        • Aztech Drop stock in silver
        • Aztech Split Scythe 7075 CNC gearbox
        • Aztech APACHE Tappet less cylinder head
        • Warhead 36k Brushless motor
        • Aztech Piston & CNC head with Viton O'Ring
        • Aztech Muzzletech hopup
        • Leviathan Optical Mosfet
        • Aztech Xtreme Adjustable CNC T Piece
        • SHS 18:1 Ratio main gears.
        • SHS 9:1 DSG Sector Gear
        • Stainless cylinder
        • Aztech 440c stainless Bushes
        • Aztech V2 Spring kit
        • Aztech Tight bore 7.25mm barrel
        • SHS M150 spring
        • Deans T Plug
        • Gears Shimmed and Piston Angle of engagement set closer to 12 o'clock
        • Mag prime feature

        WARNING This is a high maintenance build.  If you run this on auto a lot you will wear springs and seals out fast and require regular servicing.  The blaster will be shipped with the Leviathan mosfet settings tuned to suit the build.