APS Tactical PMC AK74
APS Tactical PMC AK74
APS Tactical PMC AK74
APS Tactical PMC AK74
APS Tactical PMC AK74
APS Tactical PMC AK74
APS Tactical PMC AK74
APS Tactical PMC AK74
APS Tactical PMC AK74

    APS Tactical PMC AK74

    $499.00 $590.00

      QLD and WA We can ship directly

      SA and VIC buyers please see the notes below:

        Azraels Armoury is proud to introduce the new AK series. The new AK design combines the advantages of our M4 series with the iconic an legendary AK series. This latest design includes a "quick spring release magazine" and Speed Fire Selector with a unique Swivel Quick Sling Mount which provides the user an unprecedented feeling of confidence when handling this blaster.  Below are the advanced features of this blaster and all its brethren in the AK range.

        High Power / FPS

        The Tactical PMC AK74 comes equipped with a M110 spring as standard which generates over 300 FPS with a 7.5mm gel ball. This blaster has both rear wire and front wiring installed meaning users can either place the battery under the top receiver cover or in the crane stock. This AK is no longer limited to using stick type batteries. Since the Tactical PMC AK74 use's our V3 HYBRiD Gear box, the modifications and tune up's of this blaster can be done very easily. 

        Quick Release Magazine Device

        The Tactical PMC AK74 magazine release mechanism has been upgraded to incorporate a quick release mechanism. The magazine release push bar has been extended to the trigger guard area reachable by the user's finger. Therefore the user can simply perform a magazine release action with one finger control. The Tactical PMC AK74 comes as standard with an AK mag well installed, It helps user to perform speed reloads easily while playing.

        Quick Fire Selector Device

        Similar to the Quick Release Magazine Device, the Tactical PMC AK74 Fire Selector mechanism has been modified. The switch has been re-designed so it is reachable by the operators finger. Therefore the operator no longer needs his spare hand to perform a switching of firing mode during operation. 

        Full Tactical Upgrade

        The Tactical PMC AK74 comes standard with 4 side RIS rails on the hand guard and a full length top RIS rail on the upper cover. You can simply mount optic sight, scope or after market accessory on this blaster. Last but not least, this blaster comes interchangeable butt stock connection where it can either be totally removed giving you a shorter AK for CQB scenario's or use any M4 Style retractable stock found in the market or the one included with the package. 

        1. Inner barrel size: 7.5mm
        2. Energy Source: 8.4v Ni-MH Battery or 7.4v Lipo Battery (not included)
        3. Silver Edge Gear Box Installed
        4. 8mm Bushings installed
        5. Velocity: up to 320 FPS
        6. Fire Selector: Safe / Semi Auto / Full Auto
        7. Plastic Magazine, Hand Guard and Hand Grip 
        8. Metal Body, and Removable Butt Stock
        9. Rate of Fire: 750 ~ 850 Rounds Per minute
        10. Magazine Capacity : 300 Rounds
        11. Length 95cm(L) x 25cm(H) x 5cm(W)
        12. Weight: 3.9kg

        Battery to suit: https://azraelsarmoury.com/products/7-4v-2s-1-200mah-battery

        *Does not come with pictured foregrip undergrip

         NOTE:  If you do run these models on 11.1v we recommend disconnecting the blow back feature as the fast reciprocation is likley to break the blow back claw system

        South Australian Buyers:
        As SAPOL now has the class A section 4 gel blaster specific license, we can ship gel blasters to you if you email a copy of your license to support@azraelsarmoury.com and at the point of sale please add you license number in the notes to ensure the order doesn’t get automatically cancelled.

        For more information on how to get your Section A class 4 license please follow this link:


        Victorian Buyers:
        The only way we can ship gel blasters to Victoria is if you supply a copy off the appropriate license to legally own replica firearms.

        Replica firearms are not the same as imitation firearms. Replicas are working copies of an original firearm and anyone in possession of a replica must register it and be the holder of the appropriate firearms licence.