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Upgraded Copper EMG F1 DSG 305FPS UDR PDW Gel Blaster
Upgraded Copper EMG F1 DSG 305FPS UDR PDW Gel Blaster
Upgraded Copper EMG F1 DSG 305FPS UDR PDW Gel Blaster
Upgraded Copper EMG F1 DSG 305FPS UDR PDW Gel Blaster
Upgraded Copper EMG F1 DSG 305FPS UDR PDW Gel Blaster

    Upgraded Copper EMG F1 DSG 305FPS UDR PDW Gel Blaster


      ONLY Qld buyers for direct shipping

      SA buyers please see the notes at the bottom of the description.
      VIC, NSW, NT and WA - We can not ship blasters currently.

        EMG F1 UDR is the complete package.
        Built by Shakka


        Custom Custom Custom.   

        This is the most extreme build we have ever put to the market.  That's it- nothing more to Say!!!

        Setup for absolutely insane trigger response and cycle rate, on full auto it runs over 50 rps.  YEP.. 50 on our eYou 11.1v batteries.

        And yes we are completely insane for selling this to the public!!!   

        EMG UDR -Light weight, Super fast response, 305 fps running 9:1 Dual Sector Gear!!!

        PLEASE do not adjust the settings. It may effect the performance and reliability of the build.

        This is the ultimate combo of the highest tech and best parts currently on the market worldwide- built for incredible trigger response and aimed at the speedball competition player!

        Upgrades pre installed include:

        -Aztech Split Scythe 7075 CNC gearbox- custom anodized in Copper

        -Aztech APACHE Tappet less cylinder head

        -Warhead 36k Brushless motor

        -Aztech Piston & CNC head with Viton O'Ring

        -Aztech Hellfire hopup

        -Leviathan Optical Mosfet

        -Aztech Xtreme Adjustable CNC T Piece

        -SHS 18:1 Ratio main gears.

        -SHS 9:1 DSG Sector Gear

        -Stainless cylinder

        -Aztech 440c stainless Bushes

        -Aztech V2 Spring kit

        -Aztech Tight bore 7.25mm barrel

        -SHS M170 spring

        -Deans T Plug

        -Gears Shimmed and Piston Angle of engagement set closer to 12 o'clock.

        WARNING This is a high maintenance build.  If you run this on auto a lot you will wear springs and seals out fast and require regular servicing.  The blaster will be shipped with the Leviathan mosfet settings tuned to suit the build. 

        PLEASE NOTE: this blaster has been upgraded, which means we have opened the receiver and taken it apart.  As a result you may find the take down pins, nuts bolts and screws may have some paint worn off, wear or marks showing on or around the receiver from handling and being worked on as a result of using tools to work on the blaster.  While we take every care we can to try and keep the blaster in as new condition, marks are inevitable when opening a blaster

        The F1 Firearms PDW is a blaster unlike any other seen before. Designed and built to be as light as possible without sacrificing any of the performance. The skeletonized receiver carves away at the overall weight, all while not sacrificing any of the platforms strength and reliability. The S7M Contoured KeyMod handguard allows the shooter to add whatever accessories they deem necessary without the monumental weight of traditional railed handguards, the full length top rail provides a vast tract of space to mount optics, night vision or other accessories

        EMG has teamed up with F1 to produce the EMG F1 PDW AEG training platform. Built to specifications provided by F1, the PDW retains all of the design and styling cues of its real firearm and airsoft big brothers, giving the user a unique and bold platform. Equally at home on the field or in a competition setting, the PDW high efficiency eSilver Edge gearbox provides superior performance in all settings. From the skeletonized receiver, to the MLok compatible S7M Contoured handguard, the EMG UDR-PDW is a faithful recreation of F1s flagship AR15 line.


        • CNC finished aluminum alloy F1 skeletonized receiver copies the styling cues of the original rifle
        • CNC machined aluminum S7M Countered Mlok handguard allows for mounting of a vast variety of accessories, full length top rail accepts all common 20mm accessories
        • EMG special edition fully-upgradeable quick spring change "Ultra Smooth" gearbox
        • Ambidextrous fire controls allow for both right and lefty shooters
        • Noveske licensed KX3 Flash Hider
        • Anodized finish provides a vivid and long lasting finish that resists wear


        South Australian Buyers:
        As SAPOL now has the class A section 4 gel blaster specific license, we can ship gel blasters to you if you email a copy of your license to and at the point of sale please add you license number in the notes to ensure the order doesn’t get automatically cancelled.

        For more information on how to get your Section A class 4 license please follow this link:

        Victorian Buyers:

        • Please read the following information on our blog about ownership in Victoria

        We currently can not send Gel blasters to  VIC, WA, NSW and NT.