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Armoury Upgraded TARANIS Noveske Gel Blaster
Armoury Upgraded TARANIS Noveske Gel Blaster
Armoury Upgraded TARANIS Noveske Gel Blaster
Armoury Upgraded TARANIS Noveske Gel Blaster
Armoury Upgraded TARANIS Noveske Gel Blaster
Armoury Upgraded TARANIS Noveske Gel Blaster
Armoury Upgraded TARANIS Noveske Gel Blaster

    Armoury Upgraded TARANIS Noveske Gel Blaster


      This is a milsimmers dream! This upgraded Noveske gel blaster includes the new Aztech Innovations Taranis gearbox giving it unparalleled recoil and realistic cycling bolt action.

      It is much more than just a gearbox that provides recoil, this has a fully functioning bolt that is not there for looks but for functionality. In simple terms, we have inverted the gearbox meaning the piston is stationary and the cylinder (bolt) moves which has an internal face. The air travels through the piston and into the APACHE activating the nozzle and pushing the gel out. The average FPS is 300FPS in semi and full auto modes.

      The bolt assembly weighs in at a whopping 130 grams and is made of 440C hardened stainless steel. The Rack is easily replaced and also made of 440C stainless steel which has proven to be ultra hard! The gearbox shell as always is made of 7075 alloy as is all other alloy internal parts. 

      This blaster has been expertly built by the legendary Shakka and tested extensively.

      This Noveske Shorty has been Armoury upgrade including;

      1. Aztech Innovations TARANIS Bolt gearbox
      2. SHS 12:1 hardened gears
      3. Jefftron Leviathan Optical mosfet
      4. ChiHai N95 High Torque Motor
      5. Stainless steel barrel
      6. Aztech stainless steel bushes
      7. Aztech precision shim kit
      8. Gearbox shimming and Angle of engagement adjusted

      This fully licensed gel blaster has all the inscription coming from the original Noveske rifle. The trademarked Noveske logo can be clearly seen on the body receiver. The body receiver is using Gen 4 where its fire selector, mag release and bolt release button are all ambidextrous.

      The Hand Guard is dedicate to Noveske NSR-9.75 M-Lok Rail System, the pistol grip is designed exclusively to EMG brand with EMG trademark on it.

      For its Inner barrel, it is made of Chromium Molybdenum (Cr-Mo) Steel Alloy, same material that is being used in Automotive camshaft roller. Through unique machining process and heat treatment, the inner barrel grinding not only get the close tolerance but also increase lifetime of the barrel. Compare to other metals, Cr-Mo Alloy produce less vibration when shooting, thus improve overall accuracy when shooting gels.

      When it comes to body receiver and hand guard, all the metal parts are CNC refined, we make sure every metal joint seen on this gun are “seamless” like a real firearms..

      • Receiver:   Full Metal (Noveske GEN 4 Receiver)
      • Velocity:   300 FPS 
      • Motor:   ChiHai N95 high torque motor
      • Firing Mode:   Programmable
      • Gear Box:   Aztech Innovations Taranis 
      • Charging Handle:   Ambi Design with Laser Engrave Noveske Logo
      • Outer Barrel:   10.5” Metal Outer Barrel
      • Hand Guard:   9.75” NSR M-lok Hand Guard
      • Pistol Grip:   EPG Alpha (EMG Brand)
      • Magazine:   Approx 250rds
      • Butt Stock:   EE104 (RS-3 Butt Stock Black)
      • Fire Selector:   Ambi Design
      • Mag Release:   Ambi Design
      • Bolt Release:   Ambi Design
      • Trigger:   Straight Jefftron CNC
      • Muzzle:   Spitfire Tracer
      • Blow Back:   TARANIS Bolt
      • Thread Direction: 14mm Negative
      • Battery: 11.1v  LiPo recommended (Not included. Wired to Deans connector) 

      PLEASE NOTE: this blaster has been upgraded, which means we have opened the receiver and taken it apart.  As a result you may find the take down pins, nuts bolts and screws may have some paint worn off, wear or marks showing on or around the receiver from handling and being worked on as a result of using tools to work on the blaster.  While we take every care we can to try and keep the blaster in as new condition, marks are inevitable when opening a blaster.