APS Mini Launcher Gel Blaster
APS Mini Launcher Gel Blaster
APS Mini Launcher Gel Blaster
APS Mini Launcher Gel Blaster
APS Mini Launcher Gel Blaster

    APS Mini Launcher Gel Blaster


      QLD and WA We can ship directly

      SA and VIC buyers please see the notes below:

      The APS Smart Shot Launcher - the "master key to the city" can be mounted to most popular 20mm accessory rails.

      The Smart shot is an easy to use auxiliary launcher designed for use on a handgun but can be used on any blaster that utilizes 20mm accessory rails. The core of the Smart Shot is the  CO2 powered shotgun shell which provides the user with the same wide spread capability a full size grenade launcher would offer, but on a smaller scale.

      The Smart Shot is ideal for CQB scenarios or scenarios where a handgun is the primary weapon of choice. Small, discreet and compact the Smart Shot provides the firepower you need in a easy to use package.


      • Fires 1X CO2 powered gel shotgun shell
      • Designed to fit seamlessly under most popular gel blasters
      • Compatible with most standard 20mm picatinny rails
      • Durable and lightweight injection molded polymer construction
      • Push button safety
      • Included belt loop holster
      • Inlcudes 2x Shotshells Colours may vary

        NOTE: Pistol not included in the sale. For illustration purposes only

      We only recommend the use of genuine APS Smart Charger nozzles to prevent damage of the valve when charging gas which is sold seperately


      Gelball shotgun shells


      Dimensions: 80mm x 50mm x 10mm
      Compatibility: Fits most 20mm RIS / Compatible only with gel shotgun shells
      Material: Injection molded polymer


      South Australian Buyers:
      As SAPOL now has the class A section 4 gel blaster specific license, we can ship gel blasters to you if you email a copy of your license to support@azraelsarmoury.com and at the point of sale please add you license number in the notes to ensure the order doesn’t get automatically cancelled.

      For more information on how to get your Section A class 4 license please follow this link:


      Victorian Buyers:
      The only way we can ship gel blasters to Victoria is if you supply a copy off the appropriate license to legally own replica firearms.

      Replica firearms are not the same as imitation firearms. Replicas are working copies of an original firearm and anyone in possession of a replica must register it and be the holder of the appropriate firearms licence.