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APS Shotgun Shell O'rings Seals only
APS Shotgun Shell O'rings Seals only
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    APS Shotgun Shell O'rings Seals only


      These high quality O-Rings are designed for Co2 use. They can resist the high pressure and extreme cold of Co2 gas

      The pack includes:

      6x O rings to suit APS Shotgun shells.


      Each Shell has 2 main pressure o rings, one on the base on the firing pin and one at the top around the valve.  We have found that most shell services only tends to need one O ring replaced around the valve end, the firing pin end often doesnt need changing.

      The o rings require regular lubrication with 100weight pure silicon oil.  With out the oil the orings will bind and get damaged and no longer hold pressure.

       Here is a video of how to disassemble the shotshels.