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APS MarkVI Gel Blaster - Azraels Armoury
APS MarkVI Gel Blaster - Azraels Armoury
APS MarkVI Gel Blaster - Azraels Armoury
APS MarkVI Gel Blaster - Azraels Armoury
APS MarkVI Gel Blaster - Azraels Armoury
APS MarkVI Gel Blaster - Azraels Armoury
APS MarkVI Gel Blaster - Azraels Armoury
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    APS MarkVI Gel Blaster


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      Azrael APS Extremis Mark VI, is it CQB or a Battle blaster?  Its ideal for both!!!

      Phantom Extremis– PER MK-VI – with Collapsible Rifle Stock

      With the success of MPX Phantom Extremis, APS continues to develop its Phantom Extremis Rifle and provide more variants to the market.  A new PER rifle – The PER MK-VI is now available. This rifle inherits all the advanced features came from its family. For instant, quick change spring system, M-Lok hand guard, CRS Stock, Advanced pistol grip, Full ambidextrous fire selector, magazine release and charging handle.

      Collapsible Stock

      CRS butt stock is a telescoping stock being used in this rifle.  With a press of a button underneath, the rapid deployment system instantly springs to the extended position for user. A sloping cheek weld to provide consistent and comfort in any 4 positions. It standard comes with sling mount with removable one point sling swivel accept 1” - 1.25” webbing sling use.

      Large Battery compartment

      Another important feature in this gun is the large battery compartment on the CRS butt stock. Compartment door is located on the top secured by a pin. It is easy to reach and overall room size 117 x 32 x 31cm, so it fits most the Li Po battery in the market including the Azraels eYou 11.1v 1200 mah battery


      The CRS butt stock used in this rifle is light weighted (450g) and durable (Made of Mil-Grade Polymer). There are 3 adjustments plus fully collapsed for 4 total positions for different shooter and different scenario use. The gun is only 52.5cm long (about 20.5 Inch), The lower shoulder support is removable, user can change the style of the stock as their wish, which made this rifle small, flexible, short and pithy in use.

      Sound Amplifier Flash Hider

      PER MK-VI comes with a new sound amplifier flash hider named “Sound Blaster Type B”. This sound amplifiers muzzle increase the sound of firing your airsoft gun for an awesome added intimidation factor. This flash hider comes with spiked teeth on the edge that provides murderous look to the gel ball players!

      Deep Engraving Text and Logo

      In this new PER MK-VI, all the text and logo were made by deep engraving. The marking, logo and text were sharp and clear, which makes the gun looks attractive, elegant and precious.

      Evolution Tech 6” M-Lok Hand Guard

      PER MK-VI is using 6” Evo Tech M-Lok Hand Guard. M-LOK stand for Modular Locking system, it is a firearms accessory mounting system developed by Magpul Industries that allows for direct attachment to negative space mounting points.  APS granted the permission to use M-LOK system on the hand guard, as well as making M-LOK accessories like the new Dynamic hand stop being used on this rifle.

      Athena Flip Up Fiber Optic Sights

      This rifle comes with Athena fiber optic front sight and a rifle/pistol rear sight. They are mounted on a Mil-STD 1913 Picatinny Rail. They both have flip up function, The front sights use 1.5mm fiber optics so you can aim and point to the target quick and easy, which is ideal for CQB shooting.


      1. Caliber: 7.3mm gel
      2. Inner barrel size: 7.4mm
      3. Energy Source: 7.4v ~ 11.1v Li Po Ready (Wired to stock with small Tamiya connector)
      4. Silver Edge Gear Box Installed
      5. 8mm Metal Bushings
      6. Velocity: 300 FPS
      7. Fire Selector: Safe / Semi Auto / Full Auto
      8. Plastic Hand Grip, Butt Stock and Magazine 
      9. Metal Body, Gear Box and Hand Guard
      10. Rate of Fire: 750 ~ 850 Rounds Per minute
      11. Magazine Capacity : 250 Rounds



      Explanation on options here;

      Factory Retune includes;

      1. Gearbox Radius
      2. Gears re shimmed
      3. Gears correctly greased
      4. Sorbo pad add to cylinder head
      5. Angle of engagement corrected
      6. Viton O ring installed and lubricated
      7. Motor Height adjusted and loctited

      Stage 1 Upgrade includes;

      1. All factory retune items plus;
      2. APACHE Tappetless cylinder head
      3. Aztech Adjustable T-Piece
      4. Aztech Speed trigger
      5. Aztech high precision shim kit

      Stage 2 Upgrade includes;

      1. All Factory retune and Stage 1 upgrades plus;
      2. SHS Hardened gears
      3. Aztech Split 7075 Alloy gearbox
      4. Aztech Xtreme Piston
      5. Aztech Stainless Steel Barrel

      Stage 3 Upgrade includes;

      1. All previous stages plus;
      2. Warhead brushless motor
      3. Leviathan or Gate Aster optical mosfet
      4. Add note to order specifying desired FPS and rate of fire and we will adjust motor, gears and spring to adjust to your specifications.

      Taranis Gearbox Upgrade Includes;

      1. World first Taranis recoil complete gearbox
      2. Warhead Brushless motor
      3. 35cm Barrel
      4. Installation and testing

      *Please allow 1 week for upgrade options to be completed on your blaster