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APS M4 CQB RIS Gel Blaster
APS M4 CQB RIS Gel Blaster

    APS M4 CQB RIS Gel Blaster

      VIC, NSW, NT and WA - We can not ship blasters currently.
      Full metal, Quad rail RIS hand guard, this CQB M4 is built to Milsim
      One of the most important design breakthroughs of our M4 CQG ASR102 is the double layout design of the Quad rail RIS hand Guard. Unlike the traditional RIS Hand Guard, our ASR102 Hand Guard can be divided into two parts. The larger upper parts and the smaller lower parts. This means players can fit larger batteries inside the Hand Guard with the minimum of trouble. So Players can play longer without having to charge the battery mid game. The ASR102 has a shorter tight bore barrel thus making it a perfect weapon for CQB games where accuracy and speed is key.
      Caliber: 7.5mm gel
      Inner barrel size: 7.4mm
      Energy Source: 7.4v ~ 11.1v Lipo Ready (Mini Taiyma Connector)
      Silver Gear Box Installed
      8mm Metal Bushings
      Velocity: 300 FPS
      Fire Selector: Safe / Semi Auto / Full Auto
      Plastic Butt Stock, Hand Grip, Handguard & Magazine
      Metal Body, Gear Box 
      Rate of Fire: 750 ~ 850 Rounds Per minute
      Magazine Capacity : 250 Rounds Gen 8 magazine
      Length 67cm(L) x 23cm(H) x 7cm(W)
      Weight: 2.99kg


      Explanation on options here;

      Factory Retune includes;

      1. Gearbox Radius
      2. Gears re shimmed
      3. Gears correctly greased
      4. Sorbo pad add to cylinder head
      5. Angle of engagement corrected
      6. Viton O ring installed and lubricated
      7. Motor Height adjusted and loctited

      Stage 1 Upgrade includes;

      1. All factory retune items plus;
      2. APACHE Tappetless cylinder head
      3. Aztech Adjustable T-Piece
      4. Aztech Speed trigger
      5. Aztech high precision shim kit

      Stage 2 Upgrade includes;

      1. All Factory retune and Stage 1 upgrades plus;
      2. SHS Hardened gears
      3. Aztech Split 7075 Alloy gearbox
      4. Aztech Xtreme Piston
      5. Aztech Stainless Steel Barrel

      Stage 3 Upgrade includes;

      1. All previous stages plus;
      2. Warhead brushless motor
      3. Leviathan or Gate Aster optical mosfet
      4. Add note to order specifying desired FPS and rate of fire and we will adjust motor, gears and spring to adjust to your specifications.

      *Please allow 1 week for upgrade options to be completed on your blaster