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2011 TTI  CO2 magazine seal kit
2011 TTI  CO2 magazine seal kit

    2011 TTI CO2 magazine seal kit


      These high quality O-Ring and seals are designed for Co2 use. They can resist the high pressure and extreme cold of Co2 gas

      The pack includes:

      5x Nitrile seal pads for around the capsule piecing point.

      5x O rings to suit the magazine exhaust valve


      When replacing the seal pads around the piecing point, use Tarzan grip Shock proof super glue to to ensure that the cold temperture does not release the glue and you loose the seal pad.

      You can remove the whole seal unit using a long flat blade screw driver, but you must be very careful not to lever off and break the peircing point when doing so.  We made a special tool to remove them by cutting a H Shapped notch in a large flat blade screw driver to ensure we dont touch the peircing point.