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    APS GBB CO2 "Glock" Type Pistol magazine

    $34.99 $70.00

      Gas mag suits APS, Glocks and Tactoys


      • Metal alloy construction
      • High tension spring ensures reliable feeding
      • Easy to remove base plate allows for easy access to CO2 cartridge
      • Reinforced polymer lip

      Compatibility with the following gas pistols:

      APS XTP, 
      APS ACP Scorpion
      APS Dragonfly,
      APS Shark
      APS Black Hornet 
      WE Tech green gas Glock (most models)
      Poseidon Evo 18/35 (some models)
      TacToys gas pistols (rebranding of Above APS models)

      Capacity: 14-18 gels
      Gas Type: 12g CO2 Cartridge

      2 variants available: 

      -Single stage with Allen key

      -2 stage with flat key (does not come with the key)


      This video offers a lot of tips to using your CO2 magazine